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Your health depends on proper nutrition, daily physical activity and peace of mind. But it's important to have a good idea of your general health so you can check your body fat as well as its effects. Therefore, a body mass index chart becomes useful. BMI, or body mass index, helps to determine your obesity scale. A BMI chart will use your height and weight to estimate your BMI. You can take a BMI chart to your doctor so they get an idea of your overall health.


Overweight people usually have a hard time living a normal life. These days, people are so obsessed with making money that they forget to check their eating habits, leading to a rise in cholesterol levels. Furthermore, high cholesterol levels also bring about life-threatening conditions like diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. To determine exactly where you fall in the obesity scale, a BMI chart plays a vital role. But this chart estimates healthy body mass but doesn't estimate the fat percentage in your weight. The good news about a body mass index chart is the fact that you don't have to perform arithmetic calculations, making your task so much easier. Check out for more details. 


A body mass index chart is essentially a calculation of height and weight to know the quantity of body fat you have. It's a graphic illustration of your body, with the vertical axis representing the height and the horizontal axis representing the weight. When you give your doctor this chart, he/she will be able to recommend the right remedy to boost your health. You'll be pleased to know that online tools have now made it so much easier to calculate your body mass index. Often, heavyweight people have a BMI of 25 to 29.9 while underweight people have a BMI of around 18.5. When you know your BMI, you can try to live a healthy lifestyle so you can have good health.


A body mass index chart is available for men and women. It's a representation of the state of body composition. Those who are underweight or overweight can take these charts to their doctor so they get the right guidance and advice to achieve a normal level. BMI charts are simple to read and figure out. If you don't know how they're made, then just go online and visit the relevant site. So, don't waste any more time. Go ahead and check your body mass index so you can live a healthy, illness-free life. Get started at

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